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After launching Other Echo, we wanted to host three reputable Dutch artists - Alberta Balsam, Kubus and Nymfo - from different genres and communities to dig into their production processes in a series of online, interactive workshops. The workshops were streamed live and for free on our website, and the project helped us gain traction while it provided the artists with an opportunity to connect with - and do something back for - their following in these unforeseen times.


Other Echo is the learning community that uses the power of the internet to unlock the potential of talented music producers. By connecting students with gifted artists and producers on a single user-friendly platform, we offer everyone the chance to discover, develop and deepen their production skills. The ever-expanding range of Courses, Workshops and Mentorships provides learning opportunities for everyone.

Our goal is to offer everyone, regardless of genre, skill level or experience, the chance to discover and develop their production skills. From the novice student who wants to follow a group course on Ableton Live to release his first track to the experienced producer who wants to deepen her knowledge about modular synthesis in a one-on-one session. Trainers with various degrees of knowledge – ranging from experienced amateurs to world-renowned artists – can offer up complete courses from their kitchen table using Other Echo.