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Mila V.

Multimedia Artist/Singer
Meister Fund

The Craze | music video

My idea was to create a thrilling music video for my debut single, ‘The Craze’. It’s a song about the aftermath of a bad relationship, about pretending not to care, being damaged but getting back up. The video was shot on super 16mm film and juxtaposes the track visually, displaying four scenes that symbolize different stages in the relationship and touch on the power balance between men and women. It was my first opportunity to show people all of my skills combined in one single project.


I am Mila V., a multimedia artist, director and musician who grew up in Amsterdam and studied at Central Saint Martins School of Art in London. In my work, I look to empower women and document people and characters that go against societal norms. I made a short film called ‘Venus Rising’ documenting Exotic Dancers in Los Angeles, providing them with a platform to tell their captivating stories. I’ve been singing since I was a small child, and throughout the years, I found out my real passion lies with making music and combining analogue synthesizers with my vocals and video art - culminating in my very first EP: 'The Craze'.