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sam konjakhin

Mixologist and Musician
Russian Federation


I’m the co-owner of two amaro-centric cocktail bars in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg named The Kabinet. The bars was opened in 2015 and 2019 . We have a unique concept , In our bars you won’t see a classic bar counter, but the poker tables instead. Cocktail menu is printed on tarot cards and the guest make his choice with a touch of fortune rather than analysing boring cocktail menu.
Amaro is our passion and we concider it as our main spirit.
We got a big collection of amaro and herbal liquors and every single cocktail in our bar includes amaro.
Other than that I consult with new bar start-ups and cocktail menus.
Over the years I’ve helped to open more than 20 bars with different concepts and creative cocktail cards.
I’m a vocalist and guitar player in russian electronic band named D-pulse. We’ve released three albums on vinyl and in digital. You can find our music on itunes, youtube and discogs

Right now I’m working on my own project with more dancefloor oriented music
My live performance will include guitar and beatbox live looping along with the synth hooks and electronic beats in the various genres like downtempo, deep house, Breakbit and others.
That’s pretty much it. Hope to hang out with you. Proost!