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Jonas Kopp

DJ, sound designer


Jonas Kopp is a dj and sound designer, internationally recognized for his work in the world of techno and ambient frequency sound. With a career that transcended borders, which began in his home country and continued in Berlin first and Barcelona later, being signed by some of the most prestigious European labels such as Tresor, Ostgut Ton, Semantica among others.

His DJ sets and Live sets have taken him to the most important dj booths in the world from Tokyo to Moscow and Berlin. He has participated in the past editions of the Berlin Atonal and Mutek Festival, presenting an ambient project A / V under the alias of ambient "Telluric Lines".

UNTIDY is his house side reminiscent of the New York, Chicago and Detroit scenes of the 90s, with its own platform where since 2011 he has released different references on vinyl only.

Jonas is currently immersed in the world of quantum energy, investigating the composition of reality in different planes and dimensions and the creation of reality through the energetic particles projected by our thoughts and galactic energy sources, reflecting all this knowledge in his artistic concepts, as we can currently contemplate in his latest conceptual artistic projects released on Jeff Mills' label "Axis Records".