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Ella Lappalainen

Mixologist, Bartender
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Simple summer cocktails with Jägermeister. Having a get-together with your friends? Would you like to impress them with your cocktail mixing skills? Join me for an easy-peasy lemon squeezy summer cocktail workshop and I will show you a couple of tasty drinks to cool you off in a hot summer's day! Simple summer cocktails to prepare at home with Jägermeister A. Jägermeister with berries B. Jägermeister in an Espresso Martini C. Manifest Punch D. 56 Chambers (a Whiskey Sour twist)
English, Finnish
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Hey there! My name is Ella Lappalainen. I come from the cold north- also called Finland, but at the moment I'm shaking cocktails at the Booze Bar in Berlin. As a typical Finn, spiced and strong spirits have a tendency of ending up in to my glass so needless to say, Jägermeister is not an exception! I enjoy mixing with fresh and exciting ingredients and am a very adventurous bartender, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for old classics (same with music really hehe) Let's mix some drinks and toast together, cheers, prost and kippis!

Ella Lappalainen

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