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For their #savethenight project, Electronson decided to shoot a music video for one of their songs. The video is shot on green screen at home with minimal equipment and props. Everything that viewer sees was taken from the real life of the musicians. The artistic solution for the video is graphic with some shout-outs to the Russian avant-garde of the 20s. Musicians exist on the background of dynamic geometric ornaments. This technique will emphasize the conventions of what is happening and the mood of the music itself. The plot of the video unveils across three scenes: 1 - the artists getting for the performance 2 - choosing stage outfits 3 - the performance itself. The video genre can be described as a melancholic comedy.


«Elektroson» is a Moscow-based band performing synth-punk music, electric punk, art rock. The band is famous for their soulful poetry and vibrant modern yet unconventional music. The group stands out among others because of their outstanding soviet Russian aesthetics supported with catchy choruses