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Russian Federation
Meister Fund

DJ, producer

Sofia and her team came up with the idea to make a live performance called «Rodina in isolation». This name has a word play to it, in Russian «rodina» means «motherland». With the help of simple decoration tricks and video effects they created an effect of isolated Sofia playing a DJ-set in an open countryside field. The stream starts in the evening and then naturally transitions into the night. The switch from evening to night mode is supported by the change of the landscape visuals, mood lightning, and most importantly music as the DJ-set evolves into dancing part


Sofia Rodina is an intriguing and ground-breaking character in the Russian clubbing scene. Born in the city of Magadan, Sofia moved first to Saint-Petersburg and then to Moscow where she became a part of Russian Techno New Wave. Nowadays Sofia is a highly demanded artist playing her DJ-sets in all of the major club venues of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. She is also producing and writing her own music. Sofia’s signature sound is a thrilling blend of house and techno with acidic feel.