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Activist / podcast host

Hey, hallo, I’m Phenix,
in the past years I found my voice standing up for the rights and visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community. As a platform to fight against discrimination as well as sharing experiences, thoughts and opinions I mainly use my podcast “FREITAG ABEND” and instagram. Jägermeister is now allowing me to keep that voice up and loud while lockdown even though I lost all clients and projects got cancelled. Thank you!


Born and raised in Lübeck at the baltic sea Phenix moved to Berlin at 18yo to pursue her dreams. Yes, the Hollywood idea of moving to the big city with all its opportunities. Phenix is not afraid of going for it, just as moving to Berlin on her own at a young age.

She started working at a luxury hair salon where she perfected her skill of doing hair and make up as well as costumer care. Afterwards she worked in retail where she was taught how to sell a product and herself with words and body language. Then she worked for a PR agency – how to make something the talk of the town? How to use (social) media in the most efficient way? She grew and strengthened her network of influential people in media and arts.

During all those years working on her professional skillset she also grew to be the proud trans* woman she is today. Starting at a very young age she shared all her experiences as a queer person on social media and her podcast “FREITAG ABEND”. Because of her love and passion for arts especially photography she became a one-woman production powerhouse in the past decade – producing photoshoots, fashion films and the podcast.

“FREITAG ABEND” feels like a night in a cozy kitchen with friends. In conversation with guests Phenix talks about different topics that in some way move her guests, listeners or her. Lately her series on sexism got a lot of attention and is very popular among her following. She collaborated with one of the most successful German Podcasts “Mordlust”, as well as “ZDFneo” and other media outlets. There is no other trans* person talking this openly about those topics in form of a podcast in Germany