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Russian Federation
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Producer, songwriter

After cancellation of Russian and European tour, I embarked on the path of streaming. In a month I gave 4 concerts, played 2 DJ sets and made 10 issues of «MITYA'S MAKING MUSIC» stream, where I wrote tracks from scratch with the audience. (e.g For #savethenight project, I launched a series of videos where I write tracks at home, explaining my actions along the way, vividly reacting to the result. The process is always unpredictable, with its ups and downs, but in the end we always get a new hit and enjoy life.


MITYA is a producer and songwriter from Kazan. His new album Nude ( was recorded and mastered at Mitya's home studio. Critics describe it as fragile and intimate world-class pop music. Artist's YouTube channel has reached 50 millions views ( His DIY-videos are streamed on MTV and 2x2 TV channels. He was involved in several significant projects and events: OneBeat, TED Talks, MoogFest, Ableton Loop. This summer Mitya was supposed to perform at Tallinn Music Week festival.