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Marie Staggat

Meister Fund


As a photographer that works in music, and events I was hit hard by the Covid 19 outbreak. To keep busy I decided to start a book project with a journalist called “HUSH”. HUSH captures the Berlin music clubs in its silence. We want to highlight the people that make the scene wonderful. With the help of Jägermeister we will be able to finish the project, and afterwards give the book to all the clubs so they can keep the proceeds.


The Berlin based photographer has developed an aesthetic that captures the moment while leaving the warmth of humanity in her work.
Moving to Berlin in 2006 to pursue photography Marie used the backdrop of the city's music scene to develop her ability capturing some of it's most iconic figures.
In 2016 Marie published her 1st book “313ONELOVE” with more than 180 pictures of artists from Detroit’s storied electronic music scene. She also started a foundation by the same name that aims to support music education for kids in Detroit.

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