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We created a capsule clothing line customized with our own hands. The whole process was filmed and edited into a stylish video in which we gave the viewers a masterclass on how to tie-dye clothes, and while we were waiting for them to get dry, we talked about our own style and must-have garments, showed our accessories and wardrobe. In the end of the video we tried on our customized clothes and showed them off before the camera. In total we created 7 clothing items. One piece was raffled among our fans, while others are made available to buy in our fan shop.


Istochnik is a Moscow-based rock trio. Inspired by classic American emo and mat-rock, they write music full of sophisticated drums and witty guitar structures. At the same time, their songs are simple and natural, easy to fall in love with from the first listen. The band describes their genre as emo-psychedelic rock. Today the band is working on making their performances even more charming by adding theatrical features and costumes to the mix.