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Podcast hosts, MCS and (one) club owner

We wanted to create awareness for the pressing situation clubs - and nightlife in general - are currently facing with content that was both engaging and entertaining. Simply put: we wanted to take the Save The Night slogan literally. It is a really bad time to own a nightclub as our government wants them to stay closed until the country is almost entirely vaccinated. We already lost two amazing clubs (De School and Het Magazijn) here in The Netherlands, and more are sure to follow. That was the impetus for us to host a podcast series called The No Club Show together with Jägermeister. It features in-depth conversations with club owners in and about their special places. Why did they open a club? What makes theirs such a special place? How do clubs hope to survive this pandemic? In other words: how can we Save The Night? The show features five episodes that zoom in on Garage Noord in Amsterdam, Perron in Rotterdam, Het Magazijn in The Hague, BASIS in Utrecht and OOST in Groningen, and is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.


We are Steven & Justin from The Hague. Best friends and partners in crime. Steven owns a night club named PIP Den Haag. Justin works for the radio and has been involved in Dutch nightlife for over a decade. Together, we host a monthly podcast about the Dutch electronic music scene called Bakkie Bakkie.