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DJ, singer, producer

I no longer have any income from gigs and my whole life changed in one fell swoop. To deal with the sudden standstill, I figured out what I need to be able to live as quickly as possible. That was really just music and food. It’s not to say that it takes away all the worries I have, but if I can continue living life with those two things, I can bridge the gap to normality with a kind of basic happiness. I hosted a monthly one-hour radio show called Private Hearts on Red Light Radio. Jägermeister helped me to keep it afloat with fresh music, and my idea was to transplant the show from the studio to my home on my Twitch channel, upping the frequency to once a week and expanding the length to three hours per show. I also record a phone call with another DJ each week (I used to have guests) and ask them for three musical discoveries they want to share and why. It’s also a way to check up on other artists, to find out how they are doing and how they’re dealing with the situation - which can inspire other artists with new ideas and perspectives.


I’m Elias Mazian, a DJ, producer and singer from Amsterdam. I held a residency at De School, and hosted my monthly radio show Private Hearts on Red Light Radio.