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During the second edition of our Artist-in-Residence project, we gave two great artists - Tom Trago and Animistic Beliefs - the chance to work in a unique modular synthesiser studio called Willem Twee studios for a week each. We gave them total creative freedom and let them collect as much musical material as they wanted, which they could use in any way, shape or form later.

We showcased the fruits of their studio adventure through live content and a very special, intimate and COVID-19 proof live show at the legendary Doornroosje concert hall in Nijmegen. Jägermeister and Jäger Music have been founding partners in this project and funded the studio time and live show through #SAVETHENIGHT.


From humble beginnings to a full-fledged festival with a human touch, Drift has grown into a ground-breaking cultural institute in the east of the Netherlands boasting 20 events per year. Throughout our eighteen years, we have spearheaded the best electronic music has to offer, shedding our lights on underground sounds that deserve to be exposed. We are deeply rooted in Nijmegen, play a leading role in shaping its surrounding cultural landscape, and have garnered international renown along the way.