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Tattoo artist

During the lockdown, I came up with the idea to design merchandise for Jägermeister, and thought it would be amazing to design a limited edition bottle in my appropriated style, which is a blend of traditional western tattooing and Amsterdam graffiti. I was able to make both happen with the help of Jägermeister's micro-funding and created a limited series of tees, tote bags and more to give away to people.


I’m Benjamin Kramer a.k.a. Ben de Boef. In 2009 I started an apprenticeship in a tattoo shop in Amsterdam, and after two years of I opened my own “Tattoo Parlor Het Ruyterhuis”. I collaborated with the world-famous tattoo artist Yoji Harada from the American television show Miami Ink. Since 2018, I work at the Schiffmacher and Veldhoen shop, together with the well-known tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher in the Amsterdam neighbourhood of De Pijp.