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DJ, producer

Since the beginning of this lockdown, I have been hosting live streams under the name Club DJ DJ (DJ Dorien & Job) together with my partner DJ Dorien. These streams air on Saturday nights when friends and other followers of our channels are bound to stay at home and looking for something to do or listen to. We bought disco lights and dressed up as if we’d go to the club. We always live stream the DJ set (first time on Twitch, a second time on Youtube), but next to this we provided a Zoom stream so everyone who’s listening could also tune in and see each other. This creates a really nice atmosphere and causes a similar unity and connection as you would feel in the real club.

My idea for this particular project was twofold: to host an extended edition of my Antikunst show from home, wrapping up my 37+ shows and adding lots of new music during the daytime, and hosting another Club DJ DJ with DJ Dorien during the evening. I also gave away a couple of my releases (which are pretty expensive on Discogs at the moment) to the people who had the nicest outfit/house decoration during the Zoom session.


I am Job Sifre, an Amsterdam based DJ and producer working in the global underground electronic music scene. I held a residency at De School and a regular show on Red Light Radio called Antikunst. I also hosted The Taste Of Job Sifre together with Jäger Music back in 2019.