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Graphic designer, marketeer & novelist

For the past few years, I have been writing a novel called Vier Weekenden (Four Weekends). It tells a story of a millennial trying to find his way between a shitty job, a broken relationship and The Hague’s nightlife. Told over the span of four weekends, our protagonist will find and lose love, come up with a way out of his monotonous life, and get pulled back in just as fast. The story is a wild ride. It’s relatable and funny, but also confronting at times. We printed the book with Jägermeister’s help and it is available through the webshop of club PIP Den Haag and my website.


I am Dario Goldbach from The Hague. Pre-corona I worked as a graphic designer and marketeer for a number of festivals and clubs including The Crave Festival, Expedition Festival, REC., Kralingse Bos Festival, Annabel & Perron. When COVID-19 halted all events I started focussing on my podcast and novel. Samen Tegen Elkaar (Together Against Each Other) is a weekly short story podcast focussing on nightlife, The Hague and millennial life. Accompanied by a Bossa Nova soundtrack I tell stories that are both relatable and surprising.FIND OUT MORE: