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The day can’t exist without the night, but unfortunately not everyone sees it that way. We created a concept where we state the importance of our night culture called ’48 uur Samen Alleen’ (which translates to 48 Hours Together Alone), a 48-hour continuous live stream that told the story of the night and how it affects our daily society. In collaboration with all kinds of makers/participators of the night, we created a multidisciplinary program containing DJ-sets, live shows and talks, but also art-crossovers, talent shows and interactive programs. The central theme was loneliness - which has never been more relevant than now - and we raised almost 5000 euro’s for the suicide prevention hotline in The Netherlands. Jägermeister helped fund the production and crew so we could bring our radio marathon to life.


Open Source Radio is an online radio station based in Nijmegen, streaming electronic, urban and cultural frequencies from a transformed shipping container. We strive to bring musical and cultural disciplines together and contribute to a sustainable, diverse, innovative and