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I wanted to film a truly fabulous make-up tutorial capturing the transformation from a boy to a girl with a full-glam drag look. This way I could hand people some tools to make themselves look and feel glamorous in self-isolation while keeping it light and fun. The eventual end product was a 30-minute video showcasing a two-hour process. Jägermeister helped me film the tutorial in a proper studio with proper studio lighting.


As a classically trained actor, Hoax has something that most drag performers don’t have: the ability to transform and take on a character. She's performed at Wasteland, Manifesto, Pink Istanbul, and Boyahkasha Zurich amongst many other venues and club nights. She has held residencies at Supperclub Amster-dam and Taboobar, and is one of the regular hosts of the iconic dragqueen bingo at The Queenshead in Amsterdam.

She is a frequently asked host/MC and hosted some of the biggest stages and festivals in the Netherlands. In 2019 she starred in her own tv show on national television called ‘De Diva in Mij’ for BNN/VARA. Making her and her colleagues the very first dragqueens to host a tv-show in The Netherlands.