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Markus Altrichter



When Markus Altrichter sailed aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean in 2009, he met the bartender James Crahill, who not only served him the best Corn'n'Oils, but also took him into the circle of his family.
At a traditional bbq on the beach in Barbados, they celebrated with the entire family, with classic Caribbean food and drink - including in cask fermented Corn'n'Oil. Every night he was told some ingredients of the well-kept family recipe for Falernum. Inspired by this formative experience, back on board, in his cabin, he fiddled with on a recipe for his own Falernum. Finally in 2011 he was able to bottle the first bottle of his self-brewed elixir.
Over time he improved the formula and his dream became reality, something anyone can get their hands on today.