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South Africa
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We will help you to awaken your Legehness! We will talk about our new album 'Love & Legehness' and discuss the stories behind some of the songs as well as delve into our adventures on the road. Nax share the stories behind his many tattoos and we will also perform some live music and answer questions from fans!
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It has been said that AFRIKAANS IS GROOT, but the time has come to make AFRIKAANS KAKGROOT! So strap seat-belts on your ears and BECOME GEREED because Van Pletzen is here to awaken the Legehness!
With lyrics such as "There is no race, only mense, there is no taal... only mengels”, VAN PLETZEN creates a world without rules and limitations where the only race is mense and the only taal is mengels, a legeh mixture of Engels and Afrikaans, and whatever else you need to druk yourself uit! A wêreld where legehness and liefde dominates. Van Pletzen creates the soundtrack to navigate your dreams to!
Now is the time for the grootness, now is the time for the legehness, now is the time to follow your drome, now is the time to become gereed for love & legehness!