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"I collect music at the junction of ancient cultures and modern dance electronics. You can find an abundance of motifs of ancient civilizations and ethnic peoples. My way as a drummer and percussionist influenced the rhythmic expression. As a result, a mixture of different eras and genres, cultures was born. In 2018, he moved to Odessa and began organizing events in Agharti. In 2019 he began working on his own educational project Sonar, later transformed into USU. During his life in Odessa, he organized many different events at the MSIO, Green Theater, Anderpaba, Artpodval and his own locations. A regular participant in the nightlife of Odessa, I mainly play in the bars Dvor12, Fitz, Fizzy, Zelda, Silence. Most of the time now I give to the development of Ukrainian electronic stage, teaching new artists, developing my project, organizing lectures and master classes, concerts and parties. I am a member of the jury of the JMA award."
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Chapter One. "Backround percussion.
Through esoteric gangs, Vaishnavas and ethnic percussion lovers, he found a world of complex rhythms and ancient percussion instruments. To which he devoted himself from 16 to 25 years. He studied with various masters of Indian, Iranian, Spanish, African, Armenian, Turkish and many other musical cultures. Tried himself in different roles from Pakistani weddings in Kharkov to flamenco guitar player performances.

Chapter Two. "Life in Music"
As part of the project Shanti People, as a percussionist and later as part of the electronic component, visited many cities in the CIS, was in two tours in Europe and performed at festivals Ozora (Hungary), Woodstok (Poland), Fore (Kazakhstan), Golfest (Kiev), Trimurti (Moscow) and others.

Mari Cheba is one of the projects in which he participated in creating a new sound and participated in performances for several years.

Chapter Three "Dances"

Since 2012, he began to be fond of electronic dance music and mastering creation and DJing instruments.
He began playing at the Kiev Keller Bar, later became a resident of Otel, where he began organizing his first event as a promoter. He performed at various parties and locations: River Port, Zaal, Materia, Barbarabar, Parasolka, Mezanine and others.