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After these Drop-in's, you may stop being a silly at the cocktail bar and be aware of worldwide history of drinking establishments, you would be able to clarify the principals of cocktail culture and it's serve as well. You can learn how to make drinks at home by preparing a home bar for this. You could also try to open your own place and attract all the city’s mods, dandy’s and plutocrats there ;)
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My name is Kenan Assab - I'm professinal mixologis & consultant, based in Moscow. I began my career, having moved to work in the UAE. More recently, in Moscow, I was a chef-bartender and an indispensable link in the work of "Antiquarny boutique & bar", which is both an inventive bar and a boutique of antique furniture. In the past, I was at the very origin of the Mendeleev bar and after 2 years of work I led a team of talented bartendeders. In just a few years, I carried out a lot of consult services to launch such a bars like: Kolokol, Collider, KISA, Sempre, Chiho, Keanu and others. I'm also the founder and host of the #Gastropair channel (miniatures on a combination of simple food and drinks that guests of the program prepare with me). Currently, I'm the managing partner at "The Nest" bar and the director of the F&B in the international chess club from World Chess company, with which I launched a pop-up bar during the candidate tournament in March 2018 in Berlin and another pop-up bar at the World Chess Championship Match in November 2018 in London. Behind my back is 10 years of experience, internships, master classes and guestbartending in Hong Kong and in European cities.


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