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SAYDIE is best known for pioneering female-fronted metal in the Philippines, with their debut self-titled album being one of the first releases to showcase a unique take on the genre in the local music scene of their home country. This album started what would become a fan base known for its rabid devotion – “Saydiestas.”

In the 2010s, Saydie evolved its sound from the raw, aggressive stylings of their self-titled album to a more polished modern metal style, which would reflect on their second album under MCA Universal, Belita, Like its predecessor, Belita won the band a larger following, all the while satiating the existing fanbase with its focused and powerful sound.

Saydie's stylistic evolution continues through their post-Belita releases, with their latest singles "Yokai" and "Cage" featuring new sonic elements not present in previous releases, resulting in a heavier, more aggressive sound that resonates with new and existing fans alike.