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Aidan Beiers

Host, Mixologist
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The goal of this Drop-In party is to recreate the most enjoyable parts of a bar experience with your friends. Being a host and bartender at my Bar in Brisbane, the best part about bars (in my experience) are sharing stories, telling bar jokes, flirting, getting rejected and sharing drinks. So I hope that when I drop into your party, we can share some stories, jokes and everything in between as if we're meeting in a bar, drinking a beverage out of a ridiculous vessel. Cheers!
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My name is Aidan Beiers and I own/operate a bar in Brisbane called Black Bear Lodge. My main role in the bar is to be the host. I’ll greet people, introduce strangers to friends, tell stories, flirt, on the rare occasion I’ll pour a drink... Humans are inherently social creatures and bars are such a great medium to promote this behaviour. With bars closed, the Meister Drop-In experience allows me to host, greet and connect people just like I would in my bar and I'm looking forward to keeping the social connection of our patrons alive! #savethenight

Aidan Beiers

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