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Five hacks to do the CEO step

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The age-old questions of, “how can I do the CEO Step in a small space? When am I pausing and when am I flexing? Should I do it with a drink?”, have finally been answered by it’s creator, South African rapper Rouge. Bring your dungarees.


Born 13 September 1992, Rouge is a new school rapper, Hip-hop artist and author from Pretoria, South Africa. Her aim is to bring change in the hip-hop industry, especially the female market. She does not only want to appeal to the women of hip-hop, but to everyone. she wants to be known as a rapper, not just a ‘female’ rapper, but rather someone who is talented at what they do.

Rouge a first generation South African, of Congolese heritage, was born and raised in Pretoria. She always dreamt of becoming a performer and started singing at the age of 6, songwriting at the age of 12 and rapping at the age of 19. She also took part in acting, public speaking and poetry, not knowing she was preparing herself for what was to come.
In 2014 she completed a degree in Drama & Film at the University of Pretoria. Rouge's influence in music since a young age has always been Lauryn Hill, and lately Drake and Logic have had a huge impact on her sound.

After listening to one of Rouge's RnB songs during a studio session with a friend, the suggestion was made that Rouge rap instead singing the lyrics. Although it was she was stepping out of her comfort zone, Rouge instantly fell in love with the flow and was hooked.
In December 2014, Rouge released her debut single entitled "Party" to critical acclaim. Her single "Mi Corazon" meaning ‘My Love’ in Spanish, was released in 2015. In late 2015, Rouge also released "Bua". The same year, Rouge was also featured on rapper "AKA"s Baddest Remix. She released two new singles in 2016, "Mbonga Zaka" and "Sheba Ngwan O", which was play listed and topping charts on all mayor radio stations across South Africa. She was featured on Locnville’s single "Taste The Weekend" and released "Takeover". She is currently working on her debut album titled "New Era Sessions" which was released in 2017.
She has participated on the MTVBase Cyphers in the "New Skool" category as one of the most anticipated rappers for 2017. Rouge had a hit collaboration in 2017 with Ms Cosmo titled "Connect" featuring Nasty_C and Kwesta. On 8 September 2017, Rouge released her debut Album 'The New Era Sessions'