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My Drop-In sessions are going to mentally take you out of your homes! When tiki cocktails and bars were on the rise, they were used as a form of escapism. To remove yourself from the daily problems and issues of life for a short moment to relax and kick back with a juicy tiki cocktail fit for a beach party. My Drop-In is going to take you and your mates to a beach somewhere in the South Pacific to have a party with me and some Jägermeister.
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My name is Tim Speechly and I work at Savile Row in Brisbane. Savile Row is an award-winning, high-volume cocktail bar, nestled in a busy nightlife area. Within my 7+ years in hospitality and bars, I have worked in a large variety of bars stretching from small family-owned pubs to managing large high-volume night clubs. Most recently before my work at Savile Row I ran one of Australia’s oldest and most awarded cocktail bars 'The Bowery'. Last year I created a pop-up bar called 'Dons Goodtime Bar' with the support of Jägermeister. It takes us around to bars in Australia where we take over the bar for one night only with our own twist on classic tiki cocktails using Jägermeister. Just like you would add spices and herbs to your food, Jager does the same thing by adding a herbaceous kick to tiki cocktails that you didn’t think it needed!

Tim Speechly

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