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"In this session I’ll be performing a live Jägermeister bottle painting quick session combined with an experience shared talk with the assistants to explain about my how I got involved with art and working with a great brand as Jägermeister The idea is to intervene a Jägermeister Cool Pack using different techniques to show/teach to the viewers. The project will consist of a live session to show/teach a preview of each technique used in the bottle intervention. Along the activity I will be showing a finished product to show the results from the process."
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“Keko Angulo” is an artist from Barranquilla, Colombia with almost 20 years of art experience. Born in a family surrounded by art, Keko grew up with the guide of his talented father, one of the greatest watercolour artists in the country.
Curious for other art expressions, Keko began experiencing with other art fields and surfaces such as spray paint and walls, paint markers and stencils, wood or even junk.