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"What is a caricature? Well, it's an exaggerated drawing that focuses on the most striking spots on the face. These are then depicted a little exaggerated in a funny way. Turn your evening alone or with your friends into an unforgettable one! During my session I will draw up to 4 people either in pencil or brush pen live. You can have them drawn individually on an A4 sheet, or in pairs on A3. The finished work will then be sent to your chosen address. What do I need from you? - Please ensure good lighting conditions. That is, if possible, additionally illuminate the face with a lamp. Please make sure that there is no over or under exposure. - Please pay attention to a neutral background. I have to be able to see the shape of your head. - The drawn person should keep still for about 10 minutes. - Please also keep in mind that some cameras produce fish optics which can distort the head very much.
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I was born in Vienna in 1974. Even as a child, drawing and caricaturing people's faces was one of my favourite things to do and that has not changed to this day. In order to further refine my style of drawing, I regularly take part in workshops and international conventions.

2014-2018 EUROCATURE in Wien
2017 Workshop in München beim großartigen Illustrator und Karikaturisten Tom Richmond
2017 und 2018 wurde ich als Gastzeichner für die Vienna COMIX gebucht.
2018 Karikatur Convention Phonix / Arizona (USA)
2019 Karikatur Convention Memphis (USA)

My great passion is above all to demonstrate my skills LIVE. When I attend various events such as weddings or birthday parties, I literally start a show. Either you look over my shoulder, see how a caricature is created or you can easily draw yourself.

Raimund Pulz

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