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Tomislav Pandza

COcktail Meister
United Kingdom


My journey through hospitality started like anyone else's. Just a student looking for work while in university. That is what I would have said if you had asked me 3 years ago. When I think about it a bit better, there is a way bigger and more meaningful reason. My parents had a huge influence on my career choice without me even knowing it. My mum used to be a bartender and my dad was and still is a chef to this day. It was not something that looked appealing at first or maybe even at all as a career. Why would I bust my bottom off for 12 hours a day to please someone? "What a waste of time", I thought. As the years passed I looked back at the time when my mum brought me her work tray and all the toys faded away with a single glance at it. I wanted to be my mum, stand behind the bar and make drinks, have fun and make people feel something amazing. I will never forget that day. It was a metal, blue Orangina tray. Now, whenever I have a busy, hectic or a hard service, I think about that moment and how happy it made me feel. I have realised bartending is who I am and every time I am behind the stick, I give my best to make my guests feel the same way my mum made feel all those years ago.