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Czech Republic


Hey! It is @djondrash here.
Please feel free to join my work and continue reading.
In 2017 the RedBull 3Style National Finals started my
journey. I was competing for the first time and
I become Czech Vice-Champion.

A year later I competed again and I was crowned
Czech´s RedBull 3Style Champion. That allowed me
to fly to Taipei to represent my country in the RedBull
3Style World Finals, the most prestigious DJ competition
in the world. As one of the 24 finalists, I was fighting
and trying to do my best in 15 minutes set.
Besides DJ competitions I have been participating in
Ben Cristovao´s RedBull Tour in 2019 which ended in
sold-out O2 Arena.
Meanwhile, I have been working on a project called
@playof. This project was made for bigger format
events such as big clubs and festivals. In 2019 @playof
featured biggest festivals in the Czech Republic such
as Beats For Love, Colours of Ostrava or High Jump.