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I started to have interest in music at the age of 9. There was always music at home, my mother loves to sing, including both of her sisters and my grandmother. Music & Art comes from my maternal side.
I first started with acoustic and electric guitar. I was in a Punk band when I was 13 which was a great experience. Few years later in mid school, I started to gain interest in more complex music. The truth I always liked it but not as much as that moment. Then I got my first violin and since then I have not stopped studying music. My start was in a late age, but that wasn’t an argument for stopping moving forward. I entered in group classes in “Diazort” Musical Academy and half a month later a teacher noticed my talent and encouraged me to start professional and take advantage of my gift. Then I intensively studied in as particular in Cultural Corporation of Ñuñoa realizing then that it was my passion. With hard work I managed to enter in the Universidad Mayor conservatory for study superior violin interpretation. I actually have been hardly studying for 7 years and lived many grateful experiences playing in various symphonic orchestras, string quartetos, bands, composing, teaching and recording video clips. I’ve known many people from different countries and cultures united by music and violin.
Actually I’m realizing violin workshops in institutes and schools of art. I also organize concerts of classic and popular music for weddings, dinners, coffee shops, pubs and different performances.