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"During my music performance Drop-In, fans would see a different, unusual format of live freestyle rapping and playing unorthodox instruments, specifically formatted for streaming and quarantine times. In my beat-making session, the fans that make music themselves will gain a deeper insight in some of my techniques in beat-making in Ableton Live. As for Q&A, I would simply answer questions, of course."
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Vojko V is a rapper and music producer from Split, Croatia. Born in 1985, started rapping at age of 14 and graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering at age 24. His breakthrough in the music industry was with the rap group, Dječaci, with whom he released three widely acclaimed albums and garnered a lot of awards and toured around the Balkan region.

His other group was Kiša Metaka, which also gained cult status among hardcore rap fans. His solo debut came out in 2018 and received 3 "Porins", the most important Croatian music awards, including one for album of the year.