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"Hospitality starts with yourself. Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of others. And in moments like these, we will all get together and share our stories – because in our favourite bars it’s not only about our beloved cocktails, but about communicating and socialising. So grab a drink, or bring some ingredients for an improvised cocktail and ask anything you ever wanted to ask a bartender, owner and entrepreneur."
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As a bartender of five years at the best bars in the country, and also bar owner and entrepreneur, my mission is to get you behind the scenes of the bar business and everything around it. From the basics of mixing cocktails, creating your own concoctions, designing your own space or starting your own business – I will give you an in-depth look. Whether you are an aspiring bartender or you want to start your own business completely unrelated to drinks and nightlife, sharing stories will create new ones.