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As a musician what I really miss at the moment is all of you. My music will be nothing if I don’t have you guys who appreciate what I’m doin’. Music has always been my therapy to face all the days that I've been through and remind me to count my blessing on a good day. But I do realise, you guys are the main reason why I keep doing music, y'all give me the energy to keep making arts. That’s why I’m really excited to be involved in the "SaveTheNight" to stay connected with you, maybe I can talk about something that you guys never heard about me, and maybe I’m gonna tell you the story behind the songs that I made.

I can give you something with my music, chit chat, drink some Jägermeister, or doing whatever we can, I know in the meantime we only can do this by virtual, but I guess it doesn’t stop us to spread the love in the air, let’s do this.