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"I have prepared two topics for my Drop-In sessions. One topic that has less to do with my job directly, but more indirectly: spirits and stocks! I would like to discuss the following points with the participants: • What are stocks? • Shares in the spirits trade: Why are some spirits companies listed on the stock exchange and others not? (Reference to Jägermeister) • Why should you invest in shares of spirits companies? • Presentation of 3 selected shares in the beverage trade • What does it take to trade stocks? My second theme is a classical theme and connects my passion to the music genre Metal & Rock. In 2011 Jägermeister has developed 11 cocktails during a tour of the biggest 4 metal bands. I would like to talk about this with the participants, mix 2 cocktails from the 11 cocktails and enjoy them with background music. • Presentation of the story/ background to the cocktails • Discussing the passion for the music genre and the creation of the idea for the session
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Here is a small gastronomic career of mine. From trainee to coffeologist, to Chef de Bar.

In 2008 I attended an English school in Dublin and worked as a trainee at the Clontarf Castle Hotel. This trainee position was my first contact with gastronomy. I was very enthusiastic and decided to train as a Hotel Specialist after my stay in Ireland. I then worked as a Commi de Bar at Villa Kennedy Frankfurt. We continued at the Design Hotel Louis on the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. Then I went to Switzerland as Head Bartender at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois Basel. After a couple of years we went back home, and I was Head Bartender at Guts & Glory, Karlsruhe. Further stops were the Provocateur Hotel Berlin and the hotel legend Adlon Berlin.

Cocktail competitions:
- World Class Competition, Diageo, Top 3 Germany
- Bacardi Legacy Germany Finale 2019
- Line Aquavit 2017, Finale Oslo
- Bacardi Legacy Switzerland 2016 1st place,
- Bacardi Legacy Grand Final San Francisco Final 16, 2016
- Amato Gin - 1 place 2016