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Dorogoi Serezha

Russian Federation
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Hi, i’m Sergei and i’m not a proper ‘singer-songwriter’. The only reason why these songs were kept like this was a sudden isolation i had to experience while spending two weeks in jail (hehe). It wasn’t that awful actually, but there was no single electric point in a room and I wished i could have my acoustic guitar there. I wished i had a few nice songs i could sing the whole day long. So i recorded this small song cycle when getting back, several years ago. Now they remind me, that isolation is fun. An experience. This is the feeling i would like to share.
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Dorogoi Serezha is a singer-songwriter alter ego of Sergei Golikov, musician, dj and one of Rabitza club founders. Borrowing the feel from 60-s Soviet ‘intelligentsia’ bards as well as Perestroika-era music, Dorogoi Serezha surveys modern urban settings with a bit of an absurd humor to a minimal and uncluttered accompaniment of acoustic guitar.