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Urban artist


Fio Silva is a 29-year-old artist from Buenos Aires.
Beyond making great illustrations and paintings of different types and sizes, urban art is what really defines her. She has a great talent to bring back to life the gray and flat walls of the city by turning them into powerful masterpieces full of colour and energy.

She assures that her main inspiration is movement, the transformation of things…
Her motto: “What does not move does not take life” explains her infinite and dynamic search for improvement and the need of expression.
Through her art, she communicates her feelings, concepts and ideas referred to nature, time and strength.

Fio has already a special relationship with Jägermeister!
She participated in the “56 Project” (in which three different modern artists had to represent the brand's mystique legend through their art in a silkscreen) & the Jâgermeister’s Künst Proyect
Which consisted in saving the deer’s sculpture (located in one important park in Buenos Aires City), that had been vandalized and then removed. As Jägermeister was unable to participate in the repairs and replacement, contacted Fio Silva to convert one of her illustrations into a new sculpture for the park. She decided to join with the sculptor Juan Del Prado to materialize the work and bring back the legend!

She has a recognized role in the art scene of Buenos Aires and her work is becoming to spread all over the world! Her murals have been already captured in different cities around the world, such as Perú, Bolvia, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Italy and various towns and provinces all over Argentina and this is only the beginning!