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Graphic design & festival organization

The idea was to create an iconic shirt graphic in a retro comic style (like the old superman, batman, … covers from 50s, 60s, … ) via livestream. Music theme. Kinda workshop style. Everything live on FB & Insta. I also interacted with the viewers. Of course I prepared everything beforehand – otherwise this screening would have taken forever ;). But showing the viewers the steps of how it’s was created.


How much art can you take? – this is not only the question for a whole world to answer, but also one of the many tattoos on SBÄMs body. As a graphic artist and designer for bands like NOFX, Pennywise, SUM 41 and many more, he combines his love for crazy arts with his love for dirty and crazy punkrock music. But this is still not enough for SBÄM. He does his own art shows, has his own music festival called SBÄM Fest and even started a record label named SBÄM Records.