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John Morrison

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United Kingdom
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"With our Meister Drop-Ins we will delve into the life behind the bar from the comfort of your own home! I'll be teaching the fundamentals behind everyone's favourite drinks and leave you with skills to venture into your own world of flavour, and making you the 'host with the most' at all the parties to come! Save the Night! Learn, laugh and invest a little of that free time with me advancing those shaking and cooking with spirits skills that you know you have! I will provide multiple session styles below to tailor to what meets your needs most. Have a look below at the options available at the moment: Cupboard Cocktails! Do you have tins of forgotten fruit? Puddings needing praised? This one's for you. Low cost cocktail creations that half the work for you already! We will be looking to utilise as much as we can to minimise waste.
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Hey, my name is John. I'm a scorpio and enjoy long drinks within my reach. I've been honing my craft for 10 years working that fast-paced cocktail life. I hail from the beloved Glasgow, the city with something for everyone.... and that's exactly how I feel about my drinks!

Jägermeister is the robust best friend that I want you all to meet! Sip 'em, shake 'em, love 'em! There is always a way for you to enjoy Jägermeister.

Customisation is key to me because everyone is different; a fresh face opens up possibilities of fresh ideas and funky flavours just bursting to be created!