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"I believe the Drop-Ins can be used to provide an in-depth look at what I am all about and how I managed to learn from my experiences in the Industry. Through the label Ewaso Records I started with Dylan-S, I will be able to give an insight into what labels expect when sending Demos, as well as getting the right track to the right people. We can also explore upcoming DJ’s / Producers submitting their tracks during the Drop In. For release consideration. As well as the mechanics and resources it took to pull off our Sounds of Sasaab Project. By also having educational based drop in’s as well as Sets for online parties. I believe it provides a well rounded content plan that will not only engage followers but also up and coming DJ's / Producers. Drop-In 1 - Insight into Ewaso Records (Our Kenyan based Record Label) Drop-In 2 - Bringing Sounds of Sasaab to life Drop-In 3 - 30 Min DJ Set (Prepared for 1 hour) Drop-In 4 - 30 Min DJ Set (Prepared for 1 hour)
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Foozak is a Kenyan Dj & Producer based in Nairobi, Kenya. For over a decade, Foozak has been one of the leaders of the East African dance music movement, developing a reputation for superior musicianship, use of organic sounds, and indigenous vocals, to create captivating live performances at clubs and festivals around the world