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Hi there, I'm Nikko and I'm super stoked to be Involved in Meister Drop-Ins. I look forward to meeting and hopefully teaching you a little bit about me and my experience as a tattoo artist. We can chat about some of my favourite pieces, my creative process or some of the celebs I've tattooed. We can also chat and help you figure out a direction for your next art piece!
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In 2002, Nikko stepped into Art Junkies Tattoo Studio in Hesperia to see his friend Mike, who had been tattooing for a while, and offered Nikko an apprenticeship. The only experience Nikko had with tattoos was the gang or prison tattoos he had seen on friends and family. He didn’t even have a tattoo himself. Regardless, the next day Nikko picked up a machine and started tattooing soon after.

“I had always wanted to art for a living and was soo happy that it happened so organically,” says Nikko. “It was like tattooing chose me.”