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Aimée Natter

Dancer / Dance Teacher
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"You know the situation. You are at a party and they are playing your favourite song. Your feet start to move, and you can't hold back anymore, but you're not sure. Shall you dance? Is somebody watching? Whatever! Get up and dance! Everybody CAN dance and in our session I will make you move for sure. You will learn to control every single part of your body, you will sweat and have the time of your life. No matter which kind of music - everything is possible. To get a better idea I will propose a little selection for you:  ""Shake your Pom Pom"": Booty shakes, shimmys, body rolls… to energetic Reggaeton, Dancehall and Afro Beats  ""Who's your Mamma?"": Disco, Vogue and Waacking - Drama á la Mamma  ""Go with the flow“: Urban moves and grooves to hip hop and house music. Can't wait to start a little dance party with you!"
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Aimée Natter is a professional dancer/dance teacher/ choreographer living in Graz, Austria. She started teaching when she was 15 years old and built up her own dance academy, a place for ambitious dancers to learn different styles like hip hop, reggaeton, dancehall, afro, musical dance, contemporary, etc. Because of her energetic personality and the individual style of movement, she has had great success at championships too (for example: 1st place at the World Dance Masters 2014) and has made a name for herself standing for creativity and uniqueness.
Since a couple of months she is also a part of the professional contemporary company "SubsTanz“. Next year she will produce a huge dance theatre piece called "perSAMality“ with her urban dance crew "YoMaCru", which has over 100 students.