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Andi Till



At the age of 14 I started preparing cocktails and drinks and instantly felt in love with this profession. Still in school, working on my A- level, I got many times the opportunity to organize and to run a cocktail bar on private parties and events. Afterthat I applied in a Mexican Bar in Munich as a bartender to find out if I'd be still happy with my job in a daily and less selectable routine than until now. I was flashed by the situation and after 5 years of being a bartender, manager and consultant for the companies franchise business, I opened my own bar & restaurant in 1997- PACIFIC TIMES MUNICH. In the following years until 2003 I was lucky to open 3 more bars, restaurants and cafes (BARISTA I, BARISTA MÜNCHEN II, BARiCENTRO), all in Munich's city centre. But today, after almost a quarter of a century, PACIFIC TIMES is still my baby.
In the meantime I was working on an education concept for my staff in all the venues, so it happend that I was asked to involve people working in the spirits business in all the great companies like Jägermeister, Pernod Ricard, Campari and many others. This gave me the chance to share my knowledge, my experience and my passion with all these people on shows, fairs, masterclasses and all kind of events.
Additionally I took the chance to give seminars all over the world like Lebanon, China, UK and USA.
As the global situation is challenging us with new formats and ways of communication, I am happy to continue my passion for it on another level.