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"Stay positive. During our Meister drop-ins, I will talk about positivity, kindness and how to be present. I will give you advise how to create ideal conditions for your mental health to stay focus and calm behind the bar, but also how to read our guests requirements and be the best host for them. Where to reach if you’re exhausted and full of anxiety. Taking so much care about your health as you are taking about happiness of your guests. At the end I will tell you some interesting stories about my Hubertus Circle Scholarship experience."
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Hi! My name is Lukáš Čabaj. I am working as a bartender in Sky Bar & Restaurant in Bratislava-Slovakia. I love creating unusual recipes where I can reflect my creative personality. I love to work with group of people where we are pushing each other to a different and unexplored levels of fantasy and we are able to create an unforgettable experience for the customers.
I try to live a positive and aligned life and my motto is Bee kind, Bee positive. Because Bees are important.