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"My Save The Night Drop-In Session concept is called Jägermeister and chill vibes Seasons. Viewers should expect fun conversations full of great energy, signature Jägermeister cocktails at the same time educative showcasing different ways on how to enjoy this amazing drink and technique. I will also be going deeper into my bartending journey achievements and a few pro tips. I will share some of the travel memories with adventures starting from Tales of A Cocktails in a New Orleans, my visit to Cuba working with an international team of professional bartenders from all over the world. I’m excited and can’t wait to share good times with everyone while responsibly enjoying Ice Cold shots."
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I started working behind the bar for the last six years . I have gladly become such a major influence in the Kenyan bar scene over the years I had the pleasure of working with Leading Bars and brands both locally and internationally .My most recent project has been a weekly industry night event called “MALESI MONDAY” The night is dedicated to boast our local bartenders in terms of exchanging recipes and techniques .
We have hosted over 20 bartenders and some of our industry big names including leading Dj’s ,musicians , bands and brand ambassadors .