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"Cocktails through the ages! Let me take you on a journey through the history of cocktails. From the origin of the cocktail to the current drinking culture and how it was influenced by politics and market development. To give you the right ""cocktail feeling"", we will mix a Jägermeister Cocktail together, of course! A treat for the nose! A drink that has the same ingredients and has been mixed in the same way can taste very different in different contexts. Minimally conscious and unconscious smells can be responsible for this. If these are matched to your drink, your taste experience is intensified! I want to show you how to do exactly that with Jägermeister Manifest!"
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With The Grid Bar in Cologne I fulfilled my dream of having my own bar, a bar in which I can translate my creative handwriting into modern drinking culture. Before that, my consulting company Shake Kings was already a sought-after expert in the German and international bar scene. In 2014, as bartender of the Spirits Bar in Cologne, I received the awards "Bar of the Year" and "Bar Team of the Year" from trade journalists and colleagues at the Mixology Bar Awards. Just one year later, I was named "Newcomer of the Year" and "World Class Bartender of the Year".