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Dino Blunt i Swana

Rapper & Producer


Swana A.K.A Sven Tomašević.29 rapper and producer from Zagreb, Croatia. Mostly known for his music career with HIGH5(rap group). Swana has given us numerous hits like: “kizo ima manjaču”, ”spartanc” or “mama napokon sam uspio”. Nowdays Swana works on new project with new face on the scene Dino Blunt A.K.A Dino Lisjak 21.rapper and producer from Zagreb, Croatia.
Dino had a few songs out before he connected with Swana like: “go stupid”, ”no hook” and ”2580”. Dino and Swana released a few songs since they started to work together like ”Clout” and “Frula mira” that counted 900k views in few months on youtube. That was starting point of their first project “2high” with the release of their first single “Nina”.