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"-The first 5 minutes I will introduce myself to the audience and show some of my work. -During the next 5 minutes I will ask attendees to describe each one in a single word. -For the next 10 minutes, I will have each of them tell a short description or a funny story about each of the participants. -During the next 20 minutes I will make a drawn portrait of each participant, including each characteristic of the previous stories. -At the end everyone will receive their cartoons in digital form by mail."
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Antonio Ahumada has a long career as an illustrator for the most recognized national (chile) and Mexican publishers. He also has illustrated school textbooks and children’s stories. Antonio has an academic training as a Graphic Designer. He began participating in cartoon events 8 years ago in the group of cartoonists “Lápiz y Papel”. He’s constantly joining countless live events for companies and as well for individuals. He learned to caricature with live work, event after event, this has given the result to consolidate a style and the security of being able to enjoy the cartoon in different formats and situations.