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Musikplatz is a music platform that supports emerging artists in latin america. Through streamplatz, they aim to help artists in the region by organizing and sponsoring music streamings. Listen to the performance of mnkybsnss here.


MNKYBSNSS is a live electronic music duo made up of Mono Urina and Kike Velez, young people from the city of Barranquilla. The group was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 2013, where the members went to study music production and music. After a long search for that unique sound that represented them, and after elaborate different experiments with different techniques and sounds, they release their first single “Daydream”, published in October 2013. In December 2013 with his new single in hand, they undertake a trip to Colombia to present their project for the first time. The duo introduces a house music style, born thanks to a proposal of compositions abstract and divergent sounds, which give that eclectic feeling to all its pieces. Then, in 2014 they arrive in Bogotá, where they were opening field within the scene of electronic city music. In August of the same year they launch “Normal Operations E.P.”, their first compilation of 6 songs, followed by "Sick Bends", in September of the same year, with 3 songs. MNKYBSNSS has taken his music to various cities in the country and the world, More than 10 cities in 10 different countries. In June 2015 they sign with the Sony Music Label Colombia, and they release their new single called "Feel", published on August 21. After release of the single began their new tour called "Feel Tour".